Travel Tips

  • There are numerous destinations we've come to appreciate and love for their extraordinary natural and historical wonders. By continuing to preserve such fragile places, we can offer future travelers the authentic experiences of the world's most priceless treasures.

  • There are many ways you can become a green traveler - far beyond hiking into the depths of the rainforest or camping in the Himalayas. In fact, it's gotten so much easier to travel on a clean conscience.

  • You don't need to give up the comforts and conveniences you relish during any other vacation. Think of a paradise with sandy white beaches and calm, turquoisewaters. Visualize a vacation of self-indulgence in massages, savory culinarytreats and boutique shopping.

  • Whether you desire a peaceful getaway in the countryside, seek an exotic paradise by ship or long for the big, bustling city, a green vacation can easily become your dream vacation.

  • With so many options for every traveler, it's not hard to find something that's affordable and has everything you value in a vacation - plus a few added benefits that make the trip worth taking.

  • It Pays to Be an Educated Consumer It goes without saying that the best kind of traveler is a prepared one. Just in the past decade, there have been many more travel options made available for responsible tourists, offering bigger ways for individuals to make an impact for the good for the environment.

  • Use environmentally responsible services. Hundreds of hotels have a linen reuse program, recycling bins for guest use, energy-efficient lighting, low-flow toilets and showers and alternative energy sources.

Mabely Grand Hotel Zakynthos, Greece
Trip Total: $192.15

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